Mexico Sayulita Vacation Rental TopRental Casa Ovalada in Sayulita Mexico is a picturesque fishing village and a vacation rental paradise offering visitors and residents long sandy beaches, lush jungles and a taste of rural Mexico. Located on the Pacific coast of Nayarit, Mexico, this pueblo of Sayulita is slowly gaining in popularity as a vacation rental destination, with plenty of gringos and some Europeans. Cobblestone streets with playing children, dogs & chickens give Sayulita the feeling of life a half-century ago. Very different from nearby Puerto Vallarta, Nuevo Vallarta, Bucerias and it's huge resorts. Sayulita's vacation rental homes are ideally located, only 40 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta Airport.


Gringo Hill: Advantages to renting homes in the area of Sayulita's Gringo Hill neighbourhood are easy walking access to stores/restaurants/shops and beaches. Rental of a vehicle is only necessary if you are interested in exploring other pueblos. For those who wish to explore, rental cars, ATV's or motorbikes are available in the village. Gringo Hill was named for the original Americans/Canadians who came here in the 1980's and constructed a few vacation homes. Located on the closest hill overlooking Sayulita, rental homes have very well cared for gardens and offer quick access to the beaches (5 minute walk) and activities of Sayulita. Advantages include views, walk to town. Casa Ovalada is located within a 5 minute walk up from the plaza(village center).

Beaches: The main beach of Sayulita is rarely crowded, the exceptions being at Christmas and Easter. The constant activity of fishing boats and bird life make it a pleasant place to be. There are other beaches nearby which are less crowded and worth discovering. The nearest is La Playa de Los Muertos which can be accessed by heading down to the beach walk to the left past Villa Amor Hotel along the pathway beside the ocean until the road ends. Take the trail to the left that goes over the hill and through the cemetery. If you want to walk further about 45 minutes, there are wonderful beaches to the south called Pasquaro and Pasquarito. Take water and food, as there is nothing available out there. At the north end of Sayulita beach is a jungle pathway that leads to the next beach and village of San Pancho (San Francisco).
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Sayulita beach